Zombie Catchers MOD APK 1.31.1 – (Unlimited Money & Free Crafting) 2023

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Full Name Zombie Catchers MOD APK
Publisher Deca Games
Genre Action
Size 70 MB
Latest Version 1.31.1
Mod Features Unlimited Money & MOD Menu
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Zombie Catchers MOD APK is considered to be quite an engaging game filled with all sorts of actions and adventures with a futuristic approach to the apocalypse. The game is developed by Deca Games where zombies have taken over the world notoriously forming a pact against humans to eliminate them from the earth.

In this game, the storyline and gameplay have combined to form the best platform to cater to addictive users. Although we’re in the middle of the Zombie invasion, there is still hope as two of the alien businessmen, Bud and AJ have decided to stick with you. Their initial goal is to kill all the zombies while maintaining their zombie juice sales. It is because they want to sustain peace for humanity. You’ll go on the journey of several different lands until you win the battle. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some of the best insights about zombie catchers. Also, check out Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK.


As this game was set in the future, the story revolves around the story of when the world encountered the Zombie apocalypse in the year 2050. This raging pandemic resulted in seriously destroying life on the earth and the core of this planet. You are on the quest of restoring the Earth to save all humanity and bring peace.

Zombie Catchers APK

The game refers to the era when there was a strong connection and relationship between humans and aliens. Aliens excel within the products made from Zombies. As humans aim to kill zombies, aliens want it for their use. The player decides to transform into a zombie hunter, selling zombies to their alien friends. If you’re a fan of games with engaging stories then zombie catchers will become one of the best adventure games that have been set ahead of its timeline.


The gameplay focuses on the attacking part of your moves and accomplishes the challenges given to you. The players have to locate all the zombies as soon as they can while setting up the traps to identify as many as they can. These traps include different unique gadgets, nets, harpoons, and more. You also have to invest in the bait for properly catching all the living dead as you do in Into The Dead MOD APK.

After you have caught many zombies, you’ll have to transport them to AJ and Bud’s lab where they can transform these zombies into many different items. You have to sell the zombies for earning heroes and rewards. You can utilize this money to enhance your hunting tools.

Our characters within the game are a variety of different types of zombies as they’ll be moving throughout the surroundings. Some of these zombies are completely harmless while some bite and others have harmful tools. You’ll also come across several beans that will be prevented from fishing so you must know how to deal with them also.

Zombie Catchers MOD


1. Kill Or Be Killed

You’ll find only one mode in the game in which you have to gather five players, along with your five teammates, and form a team of two. You’ll have to kill different types of zombies and stack them as per the categories. Especially you have to keep an eye on those who tend to interact with humans a little more.

2. Collecting Food

As you have to wander around throughout the world, you often get hungry, decreasing your health. The game offers a chance to freshen up by making food out of the zombies. You can make and sell different beverages and different types of cuisines for different clients like you do in Zombie City MOD APK. You can also open your own cafe after getting a certain amount of money in hand.

Zombie Catchers

3. Crafting Useful Tools

As we have mentioned that different zombies require different tools to be trapped, that’s why you have to level up your hunting game by creating different types of tools. Moreover, you will get different rewards and ammo once you accomplish a certain task within the game. Once you get active ammunition, you will be ready to chase down every zombie without getting killed.

4. Implementing Skills & Technique

The Zombie Catchers is all about bringing a useful and intensive touch to the typical zombie games. You’ll get indulged within the most interesting and innovative zombie categories with high pertaining powers and capabilities. You’ll have to implement different skills and techniques to get different types of zombies within your brutal killing tools.

5. Events And Tournaments

Another exciting thing about zombie catchers is that it keeps you cheered up with different tournaments and events complementing the occasions happening all over the world. Whether it is Christmas or Easter, you’ll get different quests that you have to achieve to get unlimited rewards. Also, there are several challenges being given on a weekly basis and by accomplishing them you can equip the latest skins.


At the end of the blog, you’ll have many questions rushing to your mind. Some of the major ones are answered below:

Is Zombie Catchers Cheat safe to download?

Yes, the game is entirely safe as it has been tested by a number of antiviruses and proven to not exert any threat to the Android operating system.

Is Zombie Catchers pro apk mod appropriate for children?

Zombie Catchers is completely up to the mark for children of all ages. It has every childish character and gameplay making it most suitable for kids.

Do I have to invest in downloading or updating the Zombie Catchers apk?

No, with the link mentioned on this website, you don’t have to invest even a penny for using any feature of the modded version.


Zombie Catchers Mod apk falls under the umbrella of an action-adventure game that is known for its addiction, combined with a few fighting scenarios, along with strategy implementation and all the elements of fun. As Zombie Catchers is also a survival game, you’ll also have to come up with many different strategies to get out of the location and save yourself and your teammates.

Same as Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK, it includes hiding from zombies, killing them, escaping with dead zombies, and fighting while controlling your heartbeat. The modded version has maximized the experience with all the unlocked mechanics and skins. You’ll find it loaded with interesting bits that can be quite addictive.

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