Zombie City MOD APK 2.5.6 – (Unlimited Everything) 2022

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Full Name Zombie City MOD APK
Publisher JoyMore GAME
Genre Action
Size 166 MB
Latest Version 2.5.6
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Free Energy
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Download Zombie City MOD APK to enjoy a strategy game with a twist. The game is all about creating new ways to beat the enemy and even take help from the species that does not fear death. This game version has so many fun additions that you will want to keep playing whenever you have the time. You can find the Download Here tab, and it will open up so many exciting hours for you. We know so many people who play it even when they have other tasks at hand, and it will only refresh your senses.

Everything About Zombie City MOD APK

The game is all about you taking on the enemy and the twist is that you will have to take help from zombies. They are fierce, and they are unstoppable because they are already dead. These zombies are hungry and they can help you enslave all the forces. You are the leader of the game and you will use your authority to guide the crowd. Moreover, every move that is in your favor will result in a fantastic new way of destroying everything. You also win points when you are successful, and these points help you improve the strategy, and even make your zombie army more powerful.

Players can fight hundreds of enemies and their bosses, who are superior in power. However, when you have the right team by your side. As you kill all f these zombies they will become a part of your team. The more rewards you win, the bigger your army, and the better your chances to win.

Zombie City MOD

The Zombie City Survival Gameplay is Fantastic

Zombie City Mod APK has simple yet interesting gameplay very similar to Dead Target MOD APK. You use the straightforward navigation keys and touchscreen to make moves. Moreover, there are some excellent moves that will make you want to keep playing. The graphics are another advantage that keeps players riveted to the game. The scenes are detailed and all the zombies look horrific. Now that you will be playing as the commander of zombies, you will feel engrossed with the sound effects and some intricate scenes.

The reward system of the game is thrilling. Every move gets you so many rewards that will help improve the skills and power of the zombies. The enemy bosses have more power but you can build to a point where you get to enjoy victory over them.

Zombie City MODDED Features

The premium features of the game are free here, and this makes the gameplay more thrilling. Here are the features you can enjoy only here.

1. Unlimited Money

The unlimited money stash means you can add so many new skills, better army moves, more time against the enemies, and even improvements in how your zombie teams get closer to victory.

2. Unlocked Locations

The unlocked locations are a novelty in all other features, and they will be available only when you make it to a particular stage. However, here, you can enjoy any maps, any locations, and new avenues to beat enemies.

3. Unlocked Enemy Bosses

While other story versions are a little delayed and boring when it comes to introducing new enemy characters, the mod version opens the whole army to you. You can beat them from the first level onwards, and they are all going to be at your disposal.

4. Unlimited Weapons

The weapons are unlimited and you can select the right one according to the situation same as Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK. You will only have to select one from the menu and it will be yours to use, no questions asked. You do not have to earn any amount of rewards before buying any weapon.

Zombie City APK

Features Of Zombie City MOD APK

The previous versions of Zombie City are also very interesting and the exclusive features make it hot among players.

1. Excellent Graphics

The graphic quality of this game makes it an excellent choice for players who like to keep it real. While the graphics are short on CGI, they are not bad at all and keep the players engaged. You will enjoy the sound effects as they help you understand the magnitude of your successful hits.

2. Powerful Weapons

There are more than 30 guns available in the game. In the regular version, players have to buy these weapons from the rewards they gather. Each gun is designed to fight more powerful enemies and if you use them strategically, they will make you win easily.

3. Fascinating Story Changes

The story develops as you make the right moves. Sometimes it will be an enemy with a small weapon, and sometimes they will come in big crowds. There are constant story changes and they are all according to the decisions you take in the story.

Our Personal Review

Zombie City hack APK is a great game for all those who like to feel challenged. Some of you might ask what the fun in the game is if you get weapons and locations unlocked. However, if you play this game you will realize that the storyline is challenging to the extent that getting unlimited menu options only adds to the excitement and it is not as if you get bored because everything is available.

Download Zombie City MOD APK

You can download this game in simple steps. Before installing this version, uninstall any older version and then click on the Download tab. This installation will take a few minutes only and you have to allow your phone to accept downloads from unknown sources. Then download the APK file for premium features. Now you can play against the enemies anytime you want.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I play this game if I am not over 16?

This game comes with a 16+ rating, but that is due to the strategy and challenges in the game. You can try it out and if you can win the initial rounds, you may try to play ahead.

Is the download free?

Yes, you can download this game for free here. There is no charge for installing the game, and even the in-game purchases will be paid by the game money and not real money.


Zombie City Mod APK is a thrilling strategy game and it allows players to use their decision-making skills, and strategy to win against powerful enemies to take over the world. Now you can download a free version with premium features available to all players. Enjoy this exciting game and keep winning rounds to take over the world and enslave powerful opponents.

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