Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK 1.6.72 – (No Overheating & Unlimited Ammo) 2023

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Full Name Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK
Publisher Flaregames
Genre Action
Size 55 MB
Latest Version 1.6.72
Mod Features Unlimited Ammo & Survival Mode
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Flare Games developed and published Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK on all three platforms. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows. The game is an action-adventure shooting game. It showcases the deadliest zombies and brain-eating monsters for action-loving players.

Looking for horror, action, and adventure all in one game? Then this is the game for you! Zombie Gunship Survival is a mind-blowing shooting game for players hooked on zombie fantasies. You and your small ground team are fighting against the mutant creatures. Build your base and defend it! Survive on scanty resources and aim at the zombies to win! Not only this, the mod version of this game levels up excitement and delivers the best gaming experience for you! Celebrate freedom and awesome hacks in the game and become the god of zombie shooters.


The whole world is hit by the zombie apocalypse similar to Zombie City MOD APK. The powerful zombies are infecting human beings one after the other to conquer humanity. The innocent survivors are under your protection now. Take control of your base, and take hold of the AC-130 aircraft weapon system. Your mission is to keep the survivors in the secret tunnel safe. Each zombie wave will be more challenging than the last and subsequently, you will run out of resources.

The missions are tough, but building a strong military base is a necessity for your survival now. Be brave! Use your weapons efficiently and earn rewards for each mission.

Zombie Gunship Survival MOD


The Ac-130 Gunship is the only hope for the survival of humanity. Improvise with weapons to shoot down deadly zombies, criminals, and insane mobs. Safeguard the hiding survivors and combat different kinds of zombies. There are zombies with different powers and abilities in the gameplay, hence learn new strategies to kill each of them differently.

Just like Into The Dead MOD APK, Use fire powers to dodge the powerful zombie waves and simultaneously, strengthen your base to shelter innocent lives. Also, appoint men to build facilities for producing resources and weapons. Organize the base, unlock guns, upgrade items, and progress in the gameplay.


1. Unlock All Weapons

In the mod version of zombie gunship survival, you will find all weapons unlock. It means you can use any weapon at a time of need to ensure your survival. Choose the weapon that suits you according to the requirement of the situation. But, choose wisely!

2. User-Friendly Interface

The modded version of this game is easily understandable compared to the original one because it has a user-friendly interface. You can start the game without any complications.

3. Unlimited Ammo

The epic zombie shooting video game has mind-blowing hacks and cheats for players. Enjoy freedom in your favorite game and have an upper hand throughout the gameplay. Such as Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK, the unlimited ammo hack allows you to have a limitless supply of ammo from the beginning. This hack will help you focus on different strategies and building facilities since there will be no stress of lack of ammo. Now, aim and shoot down zombies!

4. No Cooling Time

Next, the no cooling time cheat allows you to rapidly fire using heavy and powerful guns without any wait. Your guns will no longer require any cooling time during combat. Shooting zombies and criminals will be easier for you and can also form new strategies.

5. Unlimited Money

The Zombie Gunship Survival mod apk unlimited money hack is the most popular of all. Since the shortage of resources is the biggest issue in every mission, money has the utmost importance. You can use the unlimited money cheat to have limitless cash throughout the game and buy resources including food and weapons easily. You can also use the money to make upgrades and improvements to the base or to build facilities for the people. Ease your missions with a few cheats and hacks along the way and flex your high score to your online friends!


1. Online Gaming

Continue saving survivors and building your base with your friends. You can embark on your epic adventure with your online buddies too. You can join gamers from any part of the world. Start by sharing your in-game progress and then choose to flex your scores after each mission. This feature helps you to learn diverse base setups and strategies for breaking down zombie waves. Remember, every player will have a different pattern for defeating the half-dead mob and you can always learn new methods to score higher in missions.

2. Amazing Weapons

What’s a shooting game without epic guns? This 3D zombie game has an awesome collection of weapons much like Zombie Catchers MOD APK for its players. However, you start off your first mission with the beginner collection of weapons, you will have three types of weapons, the 25mm autocannon, the 40mm automatic gun, and a Gatling gun. Gradually, upgrade to a large collection of long-range and powerful weapons including several cannons, missiles, AKM, sniper rifles, and machine guns too.

The game displays all the features of each weapon, for example, the power, rarity, level, damage, class, fire rate, accuracy, overheat, cooldown, etc. Ultimately, make the best choice of weapons for different types of enemies.

Zombie Gunship Survival

3. Diverse Maps

The adventurous shooting game has diverse locations to engage the players. Players can choose to play in any of the 4 maps.

The first map is named Bunker Charlie. It is surrounded by countless hills. The adventurous topography escalates the challenge for players. The second map is Bakersfield, build your base near an industrial powerplant laid with railway tracks, but be careful! A train runs by after every few minutes. Next, we have the Pleasant Acres map. It is a residential area packed with houses and streets. Lastly, choose to play on the Lockdown map, the popular playing location is unique and new. It is a grey prison with large walls. Each location needs different strategies and shooting skills. Enjoy battles and defenses and build bases in new ways.


Is the game for Androids only?

The original game is currently available for Android, iOS, and Windows. However, this mod version is only available for Android devices.

Is the Mod version safe for download/installation?

Yes, our game is 100% safe to download. It is free of bugs, viruses, or tech issues, download it through the link available.

What to do if you are stuck at the game’s loading screen?

In case you are stuck at the loading screen, try using a VPN to open the game.


The difficulty level, graphics, and diverse gameplay of the shooting game make it the best zombie game for adventurous gamers. Try the new hacks offered by the mod version and enjoy!

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