Zooba MOD APK 3.47.0 – (Perfect Shot & Unlimited Skills Points) 2023


Full Name Zooba MOD APK
Publisher Wildlife Studios
Genre Action
Size 215 MB
Latest Version 3.47.0
Mod Features All Things Unlocked
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Are you in the mood for some animal fun? Download Zooba MOD APK and witness how escaped animals take charge. This game has become a top download in many countries because of the simplistic fun, and the characters. You can get this game here for free, and we are offering more features and stronger gameplay for all.

Very few games have made it to the top although they are quite juvenile. Adult and young players adore this game and there are several reasons for that. The characters are interesting and the story is exciting. Moreover, you will love getting more out of your free time. Another big plus of the game is that you will learn many tactics and get free entertainment on your android phone. Please have a look at Standoff 2 MOD APK.

Zooba MOD


This game is about three characters originally. The animal characters have escaped their cages and they are against each other with creative weapons and an angry mood. These animals will keep going against one another until one of them becomes the only survivor. If you want to be the last one standing, you will have to use the weapons well, and go against the ones that are your weakest enemy. Gradually as the game proceeds, you will become more powerful due to the rewards you win and the upgrades you make.

There are four environments in the zoo including the savannah, the food court, and the forest areas. You will maneuver through these settings with different kinds of enemies and the battle royale will keep getting interesting when you use the earned rewards to strengthen your characters.

The initial characters in the game are Nix, Shelly the Turtle, Fuzzy the Penguin, Buck, Bruce, Larry and so many more. All these characters have some qualities and some downfalls, which can be played as or against by the player of this game. Some of these characters are friendlier, some have more health than others so you have to choose wisely and fight till the end. There are going to be some battles that will require slow tactics while others will need you to be more vigilant so that you do not let your enemy escape.


Zooba Mod APK is full of new turns and all of them can be dealt with with the same easy controls. Moreover, there are going to be some excellent graphics waiting for you so that you can enjoy a wholesome experience while enjoying the different characters and their cute antics. Molly the kangaroo will be jumping around to avoid trouble and you can use the different controls to stop her from taking the lead. Similarly, the navigation tabs will help you get ahead of the animals that have more game health than you at the beginning.

Zooba allows players to earn money and use it to make their character stronger and more in control of the other animals. When you play this special version from this page, you get so many exciting features that it will become a big attraction for you on a daily basis and you will start playing this game regularly. Another excellent aspect of the gameplay is that as the game progresses, you can try out the various locations, and fight with different kinds of escaped animals to win over that area. Also, check out Gangstar Vegas MOD APK which is an amazing action game.

Zooba APK


Zooba Mod APK unlimited money and gems download will give you many thrilling, and unique features. Try all of them after seeing the top ones here:

1. Zooba Mod Apk Unlimited Money

The unlimited money you get at the beginning of the game will take you far ahead of others. You can make different changes with this money and ensure that your character becomes more powerful. As the health of your character improves, the game will become more interesting.

2. Zooba Mod Apk Unlimited Gems Download

Gems that you get in this game are a premium feature that will make your friends jealous. You can customize the game using these gems, and therefore, the fun factor improves. Try to change your surroundings as well and see how the zoo looks.

3. No Ads

The ads that appear in games can be very annoying if you are engrossed in the battle. This game version of Zooba does not have any ads, and that makes it all the more interesting. You will not have to go through a long advertisement only to get a booster or a new weapon.

4. Unique Weapons

The unique weapons in this version add to the adventure. Players can buy different kinds of weapons to enhance the game style of each character. While all these zoo animals have particular qualities to escape a fight, they also need these weapons to win.

5. Unlocked Characters

All the characters are available from the first round. Other game versions only release new characters after you have passed certain levels. If you do not want to wait for any character to unlock, try out this version only.

Zooba game


Zooba is a popular game and there are many features that make this game so famous. Check them out here:

1. Interesting Characters

The numerous characters in this game are going to make you enjoy every battle. You will have to play against the different animals that have special powers, or moves. The more you know about each of them the more you will succeed.

2. Excellent Graphics

The picture quality is what makes any game riveting or boring. Zooba has some excellent graphics and sound effects which make it a favorite among players of all ages. You can enjoy the various scenes and even the locations that bring along new challenges.

3. Various Maps

The different locations in the game are available to all players. These include the forests, savannahs, and even the zoo food court. As every battle is different, the various locations also contribute to the change of story in different places.

4. Free Download

If you download this game from the Android Play Store, it will not charge you anything. However, there will be in-game purchases. Nevertheless, the game will be free for as long as you decide not to buy anything. There is no membership demand or subscription fee for this game.

5. Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer feature makes this game a hit among people who like to play with other players online. The battles become more interesting when you know that you are playing against a real player and not artificial intelligence.


We chose this game for our collection of popular games because of the cute characters who can give players a challenging run through the zoo. Moreover, the graphics and excellent gameplay make it even more thrilling. The zoo animals can fight in different settings and each character’s game style and location make each battle unique. Moreover, the rewards you earn give you more powers so you can remain ahead of others. You will also enjoy every battle when you download this game. Also, read our review of Skullgirls MOD APK.


When you are ready to download this game, you will not have to empty your phone, but you will have to change the privacy settings. Allow your phone to download games from unconventional sources and then click on Download Here. You will also have to install the APK file to enjoy the special features. Once done, creating a shortcut will only take a few seconds. Now, you will be able to enjoy this game whenever you want.


Do the characters have to be bought in the game?

No, the characters are not bought but only this version will give you all of these characters unlocked. Other games will only provide access if you pass a certain number of levels.

Will I be able to invite my friends to play?

Yes, this game is multiplayer so you can invite your friends and enjoy the different battles with them. This game is exciting because you can create your team, or go head-to-head against each other.

What is the age limit of the game?

There is no age restriction. Young and mature players enjoy this game in the same way and find the different characters thrilling, and interesting. You will also like this game even if you thought zoo animals and the fighting theme of this game is for children.


Zooba Mod APK is a zoo animal game, and might even sound simple but each battle is unique and challenging. Many adult and young players enjoy this game and play it regularly. You can also download this version and enjoy the game whenever you have some time. There are over a million players who play this game and very soon you will be one of them. Moreover, you can download Bowmasters MOD APK as well.

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