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Spider Man Miles Morales APK is one of the most popularly known additions in the spiderman universe that emerged from the comics and dates back quite a few years ago. The game was originally released for console gaming enriched with top-notch graphics, a smooth interface, and extravagant gameplay.

Considering the console version, it has met almost all the capabilities you were expecting from an android game. Similar to the console game, the android version also has a wide range of spiderman characters and many different universes involving different stories and legacies. You get to start fresh by experiencing the origin story of your friendly-neighborhood spiderman. You will play as spiderman experiencing thrilling adventures and exciting events that help in character development and image building.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the major characteristics and features of spiderman miles morales apk.

Full NameSpider Man Miles Morales APK
PublisherSony Interactive Entertainment
Size325 MB
Latest Version2.0
FeaturesUnlimited Money & All Suits Unlocked
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Spider Man Miles Morales Storyline

As we know Marvel is all about meta universes, that’s why Spiderman Miles Morales revolves around different spidermen living in different universes. This is the story of Spiderman from the same universe as Peter Parker. The story starts after the death of Miles’ father when he and his mother tried rebuilding their lives after moving back to his grandmother’s house in a Harlem apartment. During this time, the original spiderman i.e Peter Parker was off on his trip to Europe and Miles was the only spiderman in charge of the city.

After much training and efforts with Peter Parker, Miles has polished some skills including venom blasting, invisibility, shocking enemies, and also more impactful spider tingles. Meanwhile, the two mafias, Tinkerer and Roxxon, planned to destroy Harlem city. Thus, Miles needs to take control, being Spiderman, and tackle the situation by fighting the enemies.

Spider Man Miles Morales Gameplay

One of the most interesting parts of the game other than the graphics is the gameplay and mechanics. Peter knew that Miles could be trusted, thus, he started giving him training called Web Sling 101, envisioning making Miles the best spiderman in all universes.

Spiderman Miles Morales offers you the exciting opportunity to be spiderman and experience the journey of everybody’s favorite hero. You have to make the most out of his story with a happy, tragic, and comically accurate way to polish his skills. The game outshines in 60 FPS graphics combined with immersive exposure and proper color contrast likewise Marvel Strike Force MOD APK. With the controller setting on the screen, you can easily move the player without losing track of the buttons.

Features Of Spider Man Android APK

Miles Morales has many different features that make it stand out among most single-player games related to superheroes. Most of them don’t even have stories and are just entirely a fighting game but it is filled with many different aspects listed as follows:

1. Three-Dimensional Gameplay

Miles Morales is a three-dimensional first-person game that aims to include shooting with the help of web shooters in different locations within the range. You can kill all your enemies with your effective moves and tactics combining it all together.

2. New Gadgets & Polished Skills

The gameplay also has the latest gadgets, ammo, and suits that can help you get the most out of your skills. All thanks to the modded version, all of these features will be unlocked including unlimited health.

3. Electrical Venom Blast

Electrical Venom blast is another new feature used to heavily attack enemies. You can just aim at the target and you’ll let them die in just seconds.

4. Power & Abilities

You should follow the training sessions closer to let Miles move farther, stick better to the surface, jump a little higher, and have an entire tour throughout Harlem City.

5. DLCs

After you’re done with the main missions, you can also play some side missions and DLC for warmups.

6. Spider Tingle

If you closely follow Marvel and Spider comics, you must know how spiderman feels spidey-tingles whenever danger is around or another spiderman is near him. You’ll find a spider-sense alert so that you’ll be notified of any upcoming attacks which you can dodge and fight back.


Spider Man Miles Morales APK holds a bit of an addictive kick to it that will keep you all set and glued to your seat until you finish it. Some of the players are heavily into the smoothness of its gameplay while others tend to look within the story letting you peek into the comics combined with the artsy visuals.

With the android version, you can enjoy a different perspective aside from the movie or even console, while keeping track of the same setting, theme, and functionalities. Only true spiderman and Marvel fans can sense how the originality is maintained while making it smarter than before.

People who have seen enough of Peter Parker but want to see more Spiderman will also have a moment of relief because of it. Although the pricing for the apk file is enough to spin your head, thanks to our modded version, you can not only enjoy the game for free but also further features and mechanics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is spider man miles morales safe to download for android?

Yes, the game is completely safe to play for any android smartphone without investing in rooting or jailbreaking OS. It has also been tested with several antiviruses and is secured from any type of threat.

Is Spider Man Miles Morales APK free to play?

If you install it from the official site or play store then you’ll have to pay big bucks to experience it. However, with our mentioned link, you can easily download the game and play it for free. Moreover, you’ll also get many features automatically unlocked without any interruption.

Can we see Peter Parker in spider man miles morales mobile?

You’ll definitely see Peter Parker appearing in some of the scenes throughout the game. But this story doesn’t revolve around him that much. He is only there to train Morales and comes when he needs a little help in fighting the enemies.

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