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Secret Neighbor APK is known as one of the highly engaging survival games with a hint of horror and darkness with it. The internet is filled with every type of game associated with the horror genre.

Secret neighbor has an integrated AI model for the survival element that has made it shine. These types of exceptional games have been an exceptional outlet to represent your emotions. The AI predicts your upcoming actions and moves based on your previous ones to plan hurdles and traps for you. This element has increased the competitiveness of the game making it more interesting.

Secret neighbor is said to give you a spine-chilling experience to bring the thrill out of you. Just like Granny MOD APK, it can also tingle the sense of terror that you crave.

In this blog, we’ll be focusing on the interesting characteristics of the secret neighbor mobile apk.

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About Secret Neighbor APK

The Secret Neighbor game was designed by Dynamic pixels, one of the popular game studios in Russia known for its unique storyline and features. It is a multiplayer first-person game that can allow around 8 players to enjoy together for this exciting experience.

Among those eight players, one would be the neighbor while the other seven have to get into the neighbor’s house to get to the basement. In this journey, you’ll have to search for the keys to the basement to discover the gruesome secret of the neighbor. However, if the neighbor has caught you then all your efforts will be lost and you’ll have to start again.

The interesting aspect of this entire scenario is that once you start again you’ll have to take every decision very strategically as the AI will know all your moves and can turn you in, taking the neighbor’s side. This game is about strategic advancement handling all the AI mechanics carefully.

Secret Neighbor Android APK Storyline

The story revolves around a child called Nicky Roth who was having fun enjoying his summer break in their neighborhood. Suddenly he starts screaming and running towards his friend’s house. This was because he saw a man being trapped inside the basement of the house opposite where he was playing.

After then Nikki gathered his friends on a journey to rescue the trapped man to find the key to the basement. The journey gets interesting when they reach the basement but are unable to find the trapped man. However, he discovered that the neighbor had converted his basement into a prison. Suddenly he hears a noise and begins to flee from the house where he and his teammates are caught by the owner.

In order to escape, Nikki and their friends have to escape several hurdles and traps without getting caught by the owner of the house. The goal is to get to his home while Mr. Peterson, the neighbor, is trying to get to him and his friends.

Secret Neighbor Mobile APK Gameplay

Prepare to be scared as the sequel to the famous hello neighbor franchise is here, Secret Neighbor apk. This one’s a multi-player experience and can be played by up to 8 players.

The gameplay revolves around the hit title Among Us as while all the players will be playing as children, one of them will be a neighbor disguised as a child. The objective remains similar to the first game, as players will be required to unveil secrets the neighbor is hiding under his basement which can only be unlocked by the basement key. The players will need to find this key to win the game, however, the hidden neighbor amongst them will make this task harder for the children.

The players will also have their own set of different roles.

  • Detective
    Takes important pictures for the group.
  • Bagger 
    Responsible for carrying the children.
  • Engineer 
    Will create cool gadgets out of gear items to defeat the neighbor.
  • Hidden Neighbor 
    Will constantly try to spoil the children’s plans and stop them from reaching the basement.

MOD Features Of Secret Neighbor Game

1. Unlocks All Emotions

In the secret neighbor mod version, you will find all emotions unlocked. It means in the secret neighbor you will get all the emotions by using money or coins through an in-app purchase process, but thanks to the developer of the moded version they will provide each and every emotion unlock to make your game more interesting.

2. No Ads, Pop Ups

With this version, you will get a chance to play the game without any interruption of ads. There are no banners, no pop-ups, and no advertisements so that the player can play the game with concentration.

3. Unlimited Characters, Money, and Coins

The modded version of secret neighbor comes with unlimited characters and their customization option, Money and coins, etc. Now, making a choice is your decision. Choose a character and customize it as per your own wish.

More Features Of Secret Neighbor Mobile APK

My Secret Neighbor is loaded with exciting features that make the game stand out.

1. Play As Intruder

Team up and find out the dark secrets the neighbor is hiding. The main mission of the children is to find the key to the basement while staying hidden from the neighbor. As explained above, the children will also have several thrilling roles that will make each child’s task very important, and teamwork will be necessary to beat the neighbor and find out about his plans.

2. Play As The Neighbor

Then there is the neighbor who the players can pick to stop the children from spoiling the neighbor’s plans. The neighbor will constantly be on the lookout for the children and prevent them from reaching the basement.

3. Competitive AI

The developers have learned a lot from the previous version of the game and so the AI in Secret Neighbour is highly competitive. The AI will keep track of the players and make necessary adjustments in behaviors to adapt to the children’s moves. This will result in competitive and fun gameplay for both the players and the children.

4. Craft Things

One of the coolest jobs will be that of the engineer who will be responsible for collecting 10 pieces of gear to craft different gadgets. These exciting gadgets will be used to defeat the neighbor and help the children to succeed in their goals.


Secret Neighbor apk is a journey of seven young children from the house of a creepy neighbor. We have mentioned every bit of the detail about this game and described every extravagant feature it has to offer. You can use different tools and weapons to escape. Not only that as it is a survival game it is entirely based on strategies.

All thanks to the horror field mod menu such as Horrorfield MOD APK, you’ll be able to get the most out of all the features in the game. It’ll give you the chance to explore the abilities and ammo that are unlocked originally without even having the premium version.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we’re done with the review, it’s time to cater to some of your queries, which are mentioned below:

Is the secret neighbor apk download safe to use?

Yes, the Secret neighbor mod has been tested and verified by several antivirus software to ensure that it is completely safe for all Android devices.

Once you have downloaded the apk file from the mentioned link, then you don’t have to be worried about any virus or malware.

Is the secret neighbor free to play?

Yes, if you’re downloading it from the link mentioned in this blog, then you’ll have all the features free of cost without even any interruption of advertisement.

Is the Secret neighbor apk playable without the internet?

No, unfortunately, you must have a stable internet connection for playing secret neighbor as it is an online survival game and you should be playing it with your teammates.

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