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Are you willing to help someone? What happens to you when one day you have to perform the duty of a master of a beautiful young girl suddenly? If you like these kinds of challenges in daily life, then indeed, Teaching Feeling APK is for you. Come and play this game to meet the real humanity present inside you.

This is the game of emotions and feelings. Its basic concept is how you treat people, whether you play with their feelings or help them in their hard times. In actuality, this game is for mature persons who can clearly understand society’s values.

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About Teaching Feeling Android APK

The plot of this game is very much fictitious. It would not be wrong if we said that this is a fictional story game. The story of the game is very emotional and heart-touching. Let’s have a look at it!

You will be introduced to Sylvie, an abandoned young soul who needs care and attention. Through the game you teach her and guide her, making her into a more stable individual.

As you proceed in the game, the character keeps improving and new things keep coming up for you to work with.

Teaching Feeling is a game, but the motive behind it is to make you more empathetic, understanding, and capable of handling various kinds of people.

The storyline may seem average but it will help you gain more knowledge, patience, and wisdom to deal with individuals with attention and serious personality issues. In today’s world, isn’t it useful to know all this?

Interesting Plot Of The Story

When you enter the game, you have to act as a doctor. One day an older man comes to your house and is very grateful to you for his actions. After some time, you realize that you rescued this person in the past, so now he wants to pay you.

Not only that, but he also wants a favor from you. He brings a little girl with himself, which has severe scars on her body. He wants you to take care of her by giving her shelter and then the old man leaves. That is the starting point of the story or game.

Pathetic Storyline Of Teaching Feeling APK

The girl who is now in your protection, the name is Sylvie. She is a beautiful girl, but due to the cruel behavior of her previous owner, she seems too weak. Her body is full of deep wounds. Her previous owner used her to fulfill his wishes and beat her.

So the story is all about you providing her with basic care and affection so that she regains her personality to become a better youth.

Due to the wounded face, she seems much older than her age. Now, as her master, what you do with her it’s totally up to you.

You can choose to listen to her, talk to her and show your care through various gestures.

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Life With A Slave Teaching Feeling APK Gameplay

The gameplay of the Teaching feeling inspires you to take good care of Sylvie. She has had a painful life in the past, and now, you have to help her become emotionally and physically strong. You are a completely unknown person to her, and she never knows the meaning of anything because she always faces torture in her life.

It is a live interactive game. There are three options given to you to start a quiet conversation with the girl.

1. Talk To Her

There is an option of discussion; by this, you can talk to Sylvie to make her comfortable. Talking with someone is very necessary to create a relationship with them.

2. Rub Her Head

This option is the symbol of affection and sympathy. If you rub her head in the start, she shows no reaction to you because she doesn’t know the meaning. When you continuously rub her head with affection, she likes this gesture and gives you a smile as a response.

3. Touch Her

The third and last option is terrifying for her. If you touch her in the start, she becomes creepy because of her destructive past. And by touching her again and again, she will die. So, be careful while touching her.

You are acting as her master, so she never shows any protest to do anything wrong with her. She becomes very ill and also can die. After the death of Sylvie, the game is over. You have to start the game again.

By rubbing her head or conversing with her regularly, make her comfortable with you. When she is satisfied with you, she can fulfill your desires too happily. But for that, you have to make her comfortable with you.

The gameplay is interesting as every time you start the app, a new behavior problem is visible and requires attention. However, you are free to experiment and see how bad behavior can make Sylvie react traumatically.

These experiments can teach you a lot about keeping good behavior with real people around you!

Teaching Feeling APK is a game that will channelize your empathy and will help you understand how small ill-treatments can lead to big mental distress for individuals.

Sylvie’s Issues

When you regularly play the game, you will come to know about the fears and insecurities Sylvie. And as her master, this is your responsibility to help her overcome her fears with your affectionate behavior. She has two main issues, her bad health, and the other one is the need for a close relationship that provides her shelter.

You have to bring these two requirements of Sylvie if you want to drag the game. By this, you get scores. If your score is too low, Sylvie may die due to illness and disappointment.

The 15th day is critical during the game. If your score is not above 50, then you will not be able to rescue Sylvie. If you cross this level, you will become closer to Sylvie.

After this critical level, the game can be in your favor as you will understand the right behavior towards the disturbed child! Each positive gesture will bring bigger rewards and a more positive change in Sylive will lead you to the next level!

Thoughtful Morals

The Teaching Feeling APK is not only a game, but it also gives us very thoughtful lessons for our daily life.

This game is about feminism and child protection.

One must learn how to treat women or children with love and affection. And the emotion of every person should be considered first.

The producer of this game conveys a beautiful message through the character of Sylvie. Her character is a symbol of hope and bravery.

We have seen many people learn about mental health through this game. When you are helping Sylvie, you are learning more about humans, and how we all need respect and love.

This game has a deeper impact that stays on with players.

If you check the reviews on various websites and public forums, you will see how people are happy with this game.

Teaching Feeling English Latest Version focuses on the player as Sylvie is a fictional character, who does not feel anything but learns that your behavior towards an individual can make a lot of difference.

The player reviews reveal that many people in search of attention and love became depression-free with this phenomenal game. Doing good, and treating others kindly is therapeutic, and the effects go a long way!

Features Of Teaching Feeling English APK

Teaching Feeling APK is an impactful game, let’s see which features add to the impact!

1. Two-Dimensional Graphics

Some of you may think that the two-dimensional graphics are a step-down when compared to other games, but the scenes are all quite detailed. The graphics are quite cool with the anime characters standing out.

2. Change Of Lighting With Behavior

When you are good to Sylvie, the lights are bright and the day looks happy, but if you treat her cruelly, it will all be bleak and dark. This change in lighting is a way the game controls your emotions and subconsciously teaches you to be good to get good!

3. Chatting

You can chat with Sylvie, who is the only other character in the game. All your gestures are visible on the screen, but if you want to ask her something you can type it and Sylvie’s reply will be written out in front of you.

4. Relationship Score

For the first fifteen days in the game, you have to take care of Sylvie to keep the relationship score above 50. If the score falls below 50, Sylvie’s illness might deteriorate or you may lose her forever!

5. Humanitarian Value

It is an excellent game to learn humanity! Every move and every expression on Sylvie’s face will tell you how to move forward.

If you are careless towards her sentiments, the expressions on her face will not be pleasant and you might not be able to move forward in the game. Be careful and make the most of it.

6. Reviews And More Reviews!

Mostly android games have reviews related to graphics, controls, and even the characters. However, Teaching Feeling is one of the unique games that are loved for the concept and storyline. So many people post their positive reviews about this game, and the strong story may have made many of them ignore a few weak points such as the two-dimensional graphics.

7. Impact On Everyday Life

Players will feel that this game has an impact on their daily life. When you are good to Sylvie, the game has a psychological impact on you and you want to be good in everyday dealings as well.

Teaching Feeling is your guide to a better social life and empathy towards others. This feature is a prominent one, and makes this game more powerful than just another app you open in your free time!

Final Thoughts

The teaching feeling apk is an educational comics game for Androids. By this game, you will learn about humanity and its values concisely. You will become responsible in your regular life by spending time with Sylvie.

How To Download And Install Teaching Feeling In English For Your Android

  • Tap on the “Download APK” button given below.
  • Go to the settings of your Android.
  • Permit the Unknown resources.
  • After downloading, tap on the install option.
  • After completing the installation, you can open the game for playing.


In the revised version of Teaching Feeling Android, you will get the solution to every bug.

When you download the updated version of it, you will find this game user-friendly.

And playing experience will become most amazing when you have speed boosted update.


Why is the 15th-Day level important?

The main character Sylvie has been treated cruelly in the past, and since she is in your care now, you have to ensure that you treat her with care.

The first 15 days are important because you have to show more care to make her feel at home.

The relationship score has to be higher than 50 to help Sylvie survive, and therefore, the 15th-day mark meant that you were able to care for her and proceed in the game.

Which phone do I need for Teaching Feeling?

If you have an android phone, you can download Teaching Feeling without any jams and difficulty. The game graphics are not heavy, and it will not make other apps hang.

It is a complete version and there are no phone restrictions for this one!

Can I play Teaching Feeling APK with friends?

You might not be able to play this game with friends, but you will definitely see a difference in your relationships in real life! Teaching feeling is a one-player game, but you will learn many significant lessons from it that will improve your relationships in real life.

How can Sylvie easily survive for the 15th level?

The affection and good treatment of her master bring her close to life quickly.

Can we chat with Sylvie?

Yes, you can chat with Sylvie. You can type your question and send it to Sylvie. She will give you an answer.

Is this game is for children?

No, children do not play this game because they cannot understand the format of the game.

Is it safe to download this game through an APK file?

Indeed, you can download it as an APK file because it is 100 percent safe.

Do I need to root out my Mobile Phone to install this APK?

No, you don’t need to do so. This APK is official now for every Android.

Can I get an update on Teaching Feeling quickly?

Yes, you can get the update quickly. We will post updates on our website when they come.

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